Lockdown: 23 March 2020

South Africa is in a 21-day lockdown as gazetted under the Disaster Management Act of 2002, and gazetted on 25 March 2020.

We want to assure all our clients that Cozan Consulting will continue to operate as normal and neither expect nor are aware of any circumstances that might disrupt our operations. As a remote-first company, we remain fully operational.

The COVID-19 virus needs a human host to survive. Together, we humans will starve this alien invader out of existence by keeping ourselves safe, and, by so doing, protect our loved ones.

Humanity will kill this virus, as it has all those that came before it.

To this challenge, we will adapt — because if we don’t, we will die. That is the incontrovertible law of nature: applying equally to human individuals as it does to human organisations such as businesses.

To quote Albert Einstein: “In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity”.

There is no doubt that this virus invasion will cause economic damage that may take a long time to recover from. It is no longer a case of “business as usual”, and it might never be so again.

But there will be an After.

Now is the perfect time to ponder and plan for the After. 

Money, dear reader, is cheap and getting cheaper. Central banks are printing it faster than toilet paper. 

Human skills, time, knowledge, experience and loyalty cannot be printed nor manufactured. 

Ponder your After. Plan for the people you rely on. They are irreplaceable. Look after them well.

Let’s meet the After stronger, happier and healthier as humans, as businesses, and as societies.

Carpe diem.

In Human solidarity with you all,
Cozan Consulting management and staff.

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