Beta: Folder sharing in Shared Drives

G Suite recently launched a new program that allows you to share folders in Shared Drives!


Shared Drives (available on the G Suite Business tier) is a great way for teams to store, search, and access files within a team. Unlike My Drive, the content stored in a Shared Drive belongs to the team instead of an individual. This means files and folders stay in place when a member leaves the team/organisation and the rest of the users can keep sharing information without having to worry about managing file ownership issues.

Until recently, content permissions were set at the Shared Drive level or the individual file level, and it wasn’t possible to configure sharing permissions on specific folders within a Shared Drive.

With this beta program, you can share a folder in a Shared Drive with other users, or upgrade member access to provide users with additional permissions on specific folders.

Examples of how this new feature can help you manage your content and access permissions:

  • For a marketing department, you can have a shared drive accessible by all internal employees, with a specific folder for advertising materials that’s also accessible to an external agency. Files created by the external agency belong to the Shared Drive (your organisation) and will stay in place even when the external agency’s access is removed.
  • For a sales department organized by region, you can have a shared drive that enables team managers and directors to see all activity, with regional teams only able to see the information relevant to their specific area of focus in a shared folder.

Admins can express interest in the folder sharing beta here. Google will begin accepting domains into the program in the coming weeks.

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