What is G Suite?

G Suite is a suite of services on the Google cloud.

Wouldn't it be great if you could access all of your data and do all of your work on any device, from anywhere, at any time?

Some of the best features about G Suite?

There is no software to install. No hardware to upgrade or replace. No backup procedures or testing. No software upgrades, patches or fixes. No incompatible file formats. No reboots. No viruses. No lost information. No more juggling files between co-workers or clients. No deleting emails.

No more hassles.

What does it mean to host "in the cloud"?

Cloud this, cloud that. Blah, blah, blah. You are probably sick of the term. The word cloud simply refers to a computer system that you do not have to care about. Forget about the server location, hardware and the operating system it runs on.

All you need to know is that if you have an internet connection, you are good to go. The technology and problem space details are transferred to the tens of thousands of Google computer engineers.

A paradigm shift

G Suite is a revolutionary new way to think about your data and working with it.

Cloud computing will change the way you work, because instead of passing a spreadsheet or document from person to person for editing or dropping files on a stick or in Dropbox, now everyone can work on the same document or spreadsheet together - and see each other's edits in real time.

Remember, you don't have to install new software in order for G Suite to work.

Your information (think email, documents, calendars and spreadsheets) is no longer chained to a specific device or location. It's automatically synchronized and available to use on the road, on your PC, your laptop, your tablet, your cell phone - with anyone you choose to grant access.

Spreadsheets can be updated on your cell phone while you wait in line at the grocery store. All the emails you sent or received over the years are always available, and instantly searchable with the power and speed of Google.

Just in terms of FINDING your information, G Suite is a leap forward.

When you update a customer's information on your cell phone's contact list, that change is automatically applied to all your other devices. You could link that customer to a quote spreadsheet, that pulls information from a price list, that is automatically updated with the latest exchange rate or stock levels, or collect data from any other data source in your organization. The heavy lifting and data processing is handled by Google supercomputers.

Make a change to a quote or proposal on your phone while sitting in front of your client and email a new version, or print it directly to his printer while your competitor has to scurry back to her office to make changes.

Schedule a meeting with a client or co-worker and your phone will remind you ahead of time, and show you how much travel time you need based on current, real-time traffic conditions from your current location. Display an Available or Busy status on your schedule and allow your customers or co-workers to schedule meetings.

Remember, all your information is automatically and securely stored in the cloud: secure against theft, loss, hardware failure, viruses, hackers and coffee spills.

Cloud computing and SAS (Software as a Service) makes our computers simpler, easier to use, much more secure and removes the burden of software upgrades, updates and hardware maintenance.

Keep IT simple!

All you need is an internet connection and a computer device, which could be your smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop computer.

That's it.

So what happens when you don't have internet access? No problem: you can make your data available for offline use - that includes all your emails, your documents and your spreadsheets. When you go online again, all your updates will synchronize automatically.

G Suite Training

Google is the King of easy to use software, just look at their search engine.

The G Suite applications are specifically designed to make it intuitive and are in use by millions of companies and their staff all over the world.

Even if you have two left thumbs when it comes to working with anything related to a computer, there are hundreds of training videos and tutorials online. And of course, Cozan Consulting is always here to help, when in doubt give us a shout.

Keep your data secure

Your data cannot be insured for any amount of money: if it gets destroyed or lost it cannot be replaced. With Google Drive and cloud storage, your data is always safe with multiple versions that are automatically stored and backed up.

When a laptop, cell phone or tablet is stolen, log in remotely and wipe all the data to protect your private information and company assets.

When an employee leaves your company, remove his access from all your information in just a few clicks.

Even if your password in comprised, control access with 2-step-authentication, which means access to your data won't be possible without a one-time password PIN sent to your cell phone or email.

Security and spies

With Mr Snowden and his friends at the NSA in the media's focus, the most often asked question is about "cloud security". Consider your privacy today: do you really think that the information on your computer is secure?

When your information is stored in the Google Apps cloud, at least you have the most technologically advanced company in the world doing it's very best to keep your data safe and secure.

The only way a government can get to your information is via legal means - just like they can serve a warrant or subpoena on you today. The key difference here is that a huge international business will push back with their own lawyers because it is not in their interests to have their customers harassed by governments.

The biggest threats to your data security are equipment failure and criminals, both of which are eliminated when your business moves to the G Suite platform.

Perfect security and perfect privacy is still a dream. The question is whether cloud computing is a step in the right direction, a step away from trying to protect your data yourself when you are outmatched, outgunned and out skilled by professional criminals who make a living from it.

Is it perfect?

Nothing is perfect. A better question is to consider how much better is Google Apps for Work compared with what you have now?

From a technology point of view, there is no comparison: a slingshot vs a cruise missile.

Is it expensive?

The cost of running your business users is less than R 2.00 per day. Think about it, that's less than your first sip of morning coffee.

Can you wrap your head around it?

To think or understand about computing, a paradigm shift is needed. Your data and way you work on your own and in teams need to be viewed in a new and different light in order to fully comprehend the opportunities presented by one of the most powerful technologies mankind has ever seen.

The good news is that once you have started this journey, you will look back and wonder how was it possible to work in any other way.

Get started with a free G Suite trial

Contact us and we will set up a free 30 day G Suite trail for you and your co-workers on your own domain.

If you see the huge potential value and want to realize the savings and opportunities, we can help you move from your current systems to G Suite with virtually no disruptions to your productivity. A new world awaits.

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