Business hosting

Reliable and practical hosting for your business, trusted by our clients for more than a decade.

Website and database

All the infrastructure required to keep your website online and secure.

Email for your business

Professional business email for your organisation.

Search engine optimization

Make sure your website is visible on search engines and local search results.

Website maintenance

Take care of your website as if it were our own.

Unlimited consulting

Direct access to an experienced website design team.

Website health monitoring

Ensure your website is always available and responsive.

Website performance reporting

Google Analytics performance reports to monitor your return on investment.

Social media integration

Integrate your website with social media platforms and increase online visibility.

Web hosting companies don't build their own computers, write their own operating systems or send people to dig up pavements to lay cables.

We all use micro processors, Microsoft or Unix based operating systems, hard disks from a handful of manufacturers, and so on. As far as technology goes - all reputable service providers are on a par.

With the advent of cloud computing, computing power and network capacity is cheap and it is getting cheaper all the time. Even your cell phone has more internet bandwidth and computing power than the first moon mission.

If you wanted to, you could host your own website on your smart phone.

You choose a service provider precisely so that you do not have to worry about the technical details, right?

Our clients chose Cozan Consulting because a trusted colleague or friend offered them the good advice. For us it's about people, relationships and trust more than the tools we use to do our jobs. Reliable technology is implicit - a matter of course...besides, we've been doing this since 1999.

State of the art data centre

Our servers are hosted in a data center running a high-speed network specifically designed for dedicated server hosting. The facility have multiple network connections to different internet backbones, allowing data to be distributed though many sources - meaning that network is not dependent upon any single Internet backbone.

Fully managed business website and email hosting

Everything you need to do business online, plus a professional website designers on hand to take care of your site, fix it if it breaks and make changes or updates when you need it.

We take care of all the technical details. By subscribing to our business hosting service, you are entitled to priority support, free marketing consultation and we take care of the technical upkeep and security of your website as if it were our own. You also have access to a website designer to help you load and manage your website content updates.

Internet marketing

What good is a pretty car if you can only look at it? In the same vain, what good is a website if you can only look at it? Your website should be an asset to your business by helping you win new customers and to serve existing customers better. Business hosting includes help with the tactical implementation of your marketing strategy in combination with our decades long practical experience in on-line marketing and search engine optimization.

As a Google partner we also have access to Google AdWords vouchers that we regularly provide to our Managed Hosting clients to help increase on-line visibility and drive their marketing campaign performance.

Outsourced hosting, hassle free with professional help

You get full hosting, priority support, a consultant that is ready to assist with practical advice and the long term upkeep of your site.

We manage your site by:

  • Keeping your web site content current and up to date.
  • Performing software upgrades when required or when technology changes.
  • Continually tuning your website for performance.
  • Ensure regular backups are made.
  • Monitor statistics.
  • Keep your web site secure.
  • Install new modules / functions when required.
  • If it breaks, we fix it free of charge - a life time guarantee.

You get unlimited email and telephone consultancy on any issue related to your web site or internet marketing from professionals.

Business hosting only for high quality websites

We can only offer business hosting to websites that meet our technical quality standards.

If you prefer a DIY approach or if you are working with a limited budget we recommend looking at bulk hosting services provider by Wix or Web Africa

Business hosting pricing information

Business hosting includes hosting of your site, email, website maintenance, and an information management and sharing platform for 5 team members.

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