Our Wexpert service provides proactive care for your website and supporting business infrastructure. We bring practical advice and expert skills to your internet marketing and internal productivity projects while you climb your mountain.

Google visibility

Make sure your website is visible and listed on Google where potential customers can find it.

Design new website content

Showcase new products or keep clients updated with blog posts.

Peace of mind

Proactive security monitoring and website maintenance.

No nerds

Speak with experts that are easy to talk to and understand.

Grow your business

Expert online marketing and cloud productivity to help you find more customers.

Cloud email and backups

Never delete another email or worry about loosing data.

The Wexpert care plan is best suited to clients who understand the benefit of creating long-term relationships with technical professionals.

Our experts take care of your website and help with productivity improvements like e-mail workflow, securing your data against loss and enabling efficient teamwork.

How does it work?

A Wexpert (website designer and IT expert) is assigned to your business to help create new content for your website:

  • Design new website pages and layouts.
  • Keep your website fresh and relevant.
  • Improve your company website's usability.
  • Help with add-hoc projects.
  • Generate new sales leads for your business via internet marketing.
  • Deploy end-to-end email and information management support.

Skin in the game

Very few businesses can justify paying the salary of a seasoned IT professional to protect their interests.

Even if they could, most professionals would probably not be interested to work in a job with such small room to grow their careers. They know it’s far too easy to fall behind the blistering pace of technology innovation - more so in an isolated environment.

Our Wexpert service aims to satisfy this need by viewing our relationship with you as a long-term commitment. Prevention is as good for our bottom line as it is for yours. Herein lies the fundamental difference in our approach - we have skin in the game.

The wexperts that will work with you are constantly groomed by practical experience in a wide range of industries, technologies and techniques - and they bring that know-how to your business.

What does this mean for your business?

A pool of professionals applying their trade craft to your business while building an understanding of the challenges that are specific to you.

By taking the long view, our vested mission is to make sure your website stays fresh and up to date with useful and relevant information that speaks to your audience, is always available, and secure from malicious activity.

When disaster strikes, our team will work to restore your website quickly and free of charge. By proactively addressing technical, security and performance problems we significantly reduce this risk. (It makes more sense than trying to un-ring the bell.)

In addition to proactive maintenance and the security in knowing your experts have your back at all times, we also make a Pro available to help with ad-hoc requests: firstly with one incident per week (carried over week to week for up to 4 weeks) and secondly a substantial discount on hourly rates when the work you need done will exceed the time included in the base service.

What qualifies as a maintenance incident?

In simple terms, a website maintenance incident is your instruction to update or modify your website content or it’s functions or any other work that can be completed in one hour:

  • Design new website pages and content - eg: showcase new products or keep clients updated with a blog post.
  • Routine website content updates - eg: price updates, customer testimonials.
  • Install new components to provide additional functionality - eg: install image gallery or create an online store.

Turnkey solution to manage your business internet assets.

Routine website content updates notwithstanding, the Wexpert service also takes care of pro-active website monitoring, preventative maintenance and all-inclusive infrastructure provisioning for an easy, no fuss, one-touch solution to your business IT requirements.

  • Search engine optimization (SEO) and Google indexing - while we cannot guarantee your Google rank, your Wexpert will ensure SEO best practices to make sure you website is ranked as high as possible.
  • Availability tests and infrastructure surveillance to ensure the website is online and visible at all times.
  • Security monitoring and reporting: monitor for suspicious activity before it affects website availability.
  • Framework security upgrades (CMS: Joomla/Wordpress): install latest security patches to protect your website from known vulnerabilities.
  • Web and database hosting: infrastructure and server resources required to make the website available.
  • Business email: on your own domain for you and your team.
  • Cloud-based email and productivity tools for all email, document and spreadsheet sharing and collaboration, plus 30Gb of cloud storage per user for backups, version control and file sharing - all backed by Google’s state of the art global cloud infrastructure: a state of the art office and team productivity solution.
  • Talk to experts you know and trust: unlimited consulting, even if it is just to bounce ideas.
  • Free website repair: if it breaks, we restore it free of charge.
  • We look after your site as if it were our own: no hidden costs or lock-in, you are free to cancel the service at any time.

Wexpert service is available per monthly debit order, which includes hosting of your site, email and an information management and sharing platform for 5 team members.

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