How to pay?

Secure online payment with your credit card, bank transfer or automated debit order.

Debit order automation is safe, efficient and cost effective - not just for us, but for you too. Invoices are sent 5 days prior to debit and you can cancel your authorization at any time. Refunds, corrections and transfers are processed within 48 business hours.

Select your payment method

Automate your monthly payment with a debit order agreement. Let us do this repetitive administrative task for you. You can cancel your payment mandate at any time. We process cancellations or refunds within 2 business days.

Standard Bank

Cozan Consulting CC
Branch: Parow
Branch code: 051001
Account: 271448768


Cozan Consulting CC
Branch: Parow
Branch code: 250655
Account: 62033677818

Credit card payment