12 August 2022

Email Signature Management

Programmatically Managed Email Signatures

The benefits of email signature management far outweigh the cost. Here’s how to get the most out of this seemingly one-dimensional business asset.

An email signature can be so much more than your employee’s name and company details.

It can be a vehicle for driving an engaged prospect to your latest blog post or an eager candidate to an open job ad…

It can provide an opportunity to start a sales conversation with new customers or upsell existing customers…

Whatever your business objectives, programmatically managed email signatures are the most underrated weapon in your business’ arsenal.

What are programmatically managed email signatures and how does it work?

In layman’s terms, you have a “main” email template that controls the look and feel of the signatures (according to your brand style guide).

The main template contains the various components of the signature: employee name, number, company logo, website, and so on.

By integrating with the Gmail API, you only need a few lines of code to tell the template how to customise each user’s email signature (their name, number, etc.).

5 Reasons your business needs email signature management

  1. Efficiency An obvious feature of programmatically managed email signatures is that they’re centrally managed. The benefit of this is that any component of the signature only needs to be changed in the main template (not in each person’s signature), so you don’t run the risk of typos or broken images due to human error, which brings us to the second point…
  2. Consistency Ensure all your employees’ signatures have the same look with a template that controls the design of the fields. It’s also possible to have different templates for different groups of users, like project teams or special departments.
  3. Traffic Capitalise on an engaged audience by linking to a specific page or section of your website. If your employees are sending loads of emails, there’s a lot of traffic to be won.
  4. Sales Your employees’ emails to customers land directly in client inboxes, often while a conversation is in progress. Upsell or cross-sell new and existing customers by linking to a specific product page or campaign.
  5. Social proof If you have a large following on social media or rave reviews on Hello Peter, you can link to these platforms to denote social proof to prospects who are in the research phase of the buying cycle.

If you’re thinking: “This sounds great! But it must be quite technical to set up?”, you’d be right.

Programmatically managed email signatures require integration with the Gmail API in order to “push” settings directly to the user(s) accounts.

Not to mention additional development would need to be done for specific requirements.

And if you’re a small business owner or IT manager, you likely have bigger fish to fry than email signatures.

Fortunately, we can help.

How to get started

If your Google Workspace deployment is managed by Cozan Consulting, email signature management is an optional service.

Contact us to get started with email signature management or learn more about signing up with Google Workspace.

Why Cozan Consulting

We know there are one-man bands out there that deliver a similar service for next to nothing, but that is risky.

Email management software, on the other hand, is also an option, but that would still require a significant time investment.


To protect your organisation and ensure maximum security, we use a Google Cloud Platform deployed instance of GAM to manage company-wide email signatures (amongst other things).

With GAM, all company data is contained in your organisation and email security isn’t compromised by exposing Gmail APIs to third-party applications outside your control.


Cozan is a family-owned and -run business that’s been operating for over 20 years.

When looking for a technical business infrastructure partner, you’ll have peace of mind knowing we’re not going anywhere.

Track record

Not only are we the preferred Google Workspace partner for household brands, but we’re also commended by SMEs for our quick turnaround time of professional service (read our reviews on Google).

Are you ready to take your company signatures to the next level?

Speak to us about getting started with email signature management.

Managed Email Signatures

Talk to our team about getting started with email signature management for your business.

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