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New price for G Suite
05 Feb 2019

Starting on April 2, 2019, G Suite Basic Edition will increase by R15 (from R80 to R95 per user/month excl. VAT) and G Suite Business Edition will increase by R30 (from R140 to R170 per user/month excl. VAT). Pricing for G Suite Enterprise Edition customers will not change.

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How to hire an SEO specialist
25 Sep 2018

What does Google have to say about what to expect from your SEO specialist? Here are 4 tips for choosing an SEO that is a right fit for your business.

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Protect your business against phishing
13 Aug 2018

Follow the steps in this guide to protect yourself and your business against phishing attacks.

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Get started with Google Drive
08 Aug 2018

Google Drive provides safe and secure storage for all your files on all your devices.

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Enable the new Gmail User Interface
06 Aug 2018

Major improvements to Gmail that will help you be more productive at work. Here’s a quick look at how to do more, faster.

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Get started with G Suite
10 May 2018

A new working environment can be frustrating at first. Here are three easy to follow steps that will have you up and running with your G Suite account in less than 10 minutes.

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Create a professional content strategy
30 Jul 2017

The people you want to reach will only pay attention to your content when it enhances their lives in a way they value. They, like you, are interested only in things that matter to them - not someone’s need to communicate with them.

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How to avoid the Not Secure warning
25 Jan 2017

Starting 31 January 2017, Google may tell people your website is “Not secure” as part of their long-term plan to mark all HTTP sites as non-secure.

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Prospect Management
17 May 2016

An effective prospect management system is intended to bring efficiency, predictability, and accountability to the organisation's sales efforts.

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What is G Suite?
23 Jun 2015

Work just got a whole lot better. With G Suite you can access all your data and do all of your work on any device, from anywhere, at any time.

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