10 September 2020

Gmail Collaborative Inbox

Make teamwork a breeze with Collaborative Inboxes

Collaborative Inboxes are a great way for teams to work together on messages sent to a group address without installing special software or buying additional software-as-a-service licenses.

With the correct permission settings, team members can:

  • See and respond to messages sent to the group address.
  • Assign responsibility for conversations to team members.
  • Set a resolved status for conversations: complete, duplicate, or no action needed.
  • Search for conversations according to resolution status, label, or assignee.

Everyday use for Collaborative Inboxes

  • Customer service desk: Team members can assign messages to each other and track the status of a query (complete/duplicate/no action needed).
  • Sales desk: When more than one person is responsible for answering and following up new sales enquiries (like leads generated from your website), collaborative inboxes provide a simple interface to track, assign and search for messages.
  • Ad hoc projects: Create a group address to centralize communication for your project and team.

All Google Workspace subscribers will have access to the new Collaborative Inbox. New features include:

  • Advanced search, including conversation status.
  • Filtering, including quick filters for conversation status or to help users find conversations assigned to themselves, others, or that are unassigned.

Do you need help or advice on how to create and configure a Collaborative Inbox for your team?


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